The Boat Race began in 1955 and was open to Lewis and Harris.  It took place at 6pm on the evening of the Show from the inner harbour at Carloway.  Each crew consisted of four oarsmen and a coxswain and Carloway boats were used.  The race was run from the pier to a buoy placed on the west side of Eilean Glas and back. Up to four or five boats competed each year, racing two at a time, and the winner was the boat that completed the course in the fastest time.  More information about the Boat Race, with pictures, is in the Jubilee Commemorative Book.

1. Doune (Cox, John Macdonald)
2. Bernera (K Macdonald)
1. Bernera (John Macaulay)
2. (equal) Doune (John Macdonald) and Shawbost (Colin Gillies)
1. Shawbost (Colin Gillies)
2. Bernera (John Macaulay) 
1. Shawbost 'A'
2. Bernera
1. Shawbost
2. Doune
1. North Shawbost
2. Carloway
1. Doune